Taking a Knee

Taking a knee

The "taking a knee" issue brings in comments from time to time.  "Taking a knee" actually began as a way for youth soccer teams to settle their players during the many bumps and bruises that occur in little kid’s soccer.  Coaches needed a way to "corral" their young players while attending to the injured. The 'sales pitch' to the little kids was, "lets show concern and respect for the injured player", when in reality it was a way to not have 15 kids either surrounding the injured kid in a pack or having them running all over. The practice then moved into youth football.  It actually isn't fundamentally sound to have active, warm players, suddenly stop all activity and take a knee for 3 to 10 minutes while an injured player is attended to and then jump back up and go back to playing. I can assure you the vast number of coaches do not see it as a sign of disrespect if the opposing team does not take a knee during an injury.  No one ever takes a knee during basketball, volleyball, track or any other sport (except football and soccer) when there is an injury. But for football and soccer, this seems to be issue for fans sometimes. I honestly would prefer we did not take a knee for our players or the opponents. I think it is appropriate for teams to move to their sideline, take instruction from their coaches, and remain quiet out of respect, but ready to take the field as soon as play can resume.  I also think it is appropriate for players to applaud if a player has been down on the field for a period of time as he /she leaves the field of play. I hope this addresses any concern of not taking a knee.